7 Piece ARTU Drill Bit Set Metric Sizing

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7 Piece ARTU Drill Bit Set Metric Sizing


Artu Drill Bits

One drill bit will do all your work whether you are a DIY or fully fledged trade’s person or farmer.

The ARTU German Drill bits are suitable for most materials, concrete, masonry hardened steel, glass, ceramic, wood and many other surfaces can be drilled with ease.

Special negative grinding on the tip means, no drifting during initial drilling. No centre punch needed - eliminates walking.

Robust titanium and tungsten carbide tip, chrome vanadium shank and precise, high tech soldering (which can handle up to 1000°C) makes up this multipurpose drill bit.

You will never have the tip fall out like masonry bits. You can now drill brick into steel, wood into brick and concrete into bar steel without damaging the tip.

These ARTU Drill bits ensure the increased performance and cutting speed, as well as a longer life.






What is included

7 Piece ARTU Drill Bits7 piece ARTU drill bit Metric - Set includes 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 10mm & 12mm

 Rod saw bladeRod Saw Blade (valued at $29.95)

 Grinding StoneGrinding Stone (valued at $29.95)







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