Professional Nibbler

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Professional Nibbler

The Product

Well now you can start cutting any kind of metal the easy way and in a fraction of the time. nibbler cutting gutter

Professional Nibbler turns any drill into a metal cutting tool!


Presenting the new Professional Nibbler which simply attaches to any electric or battery drill and turns it into a metal cutting tool.

The amazing all new Professional Nibbler, made in Australia is guaranteed to change the way you cut metal forever.


How It Can Be Used!

nibbler cutting laserlite

The Professional Nibbler can be used free hand or bench mounted. It will cut mild steel, stainless steel, colour bond and corrugated iron quickly.  

On colour bond (corrugated iron) it will not scratch the paint, no sharp edges, and no sparks. It doesn't generate heat so rust will not occur unlike when using the grinder.

That's why it's widely used by plumbers, roofers, car restorers and the DIY sector.

The Professional Nibbler allows you to cut guttering, trim deck, mini orb and car body work with ease. You can cut out internal holes for down pipes, sky lights chimney flutes and more. You start in the middle of a sheet, drill a 10mm hole, place the head of the Nibbler in and start cutting away.




Cutting Corrugated Drums!
The Professional Nibble can be used to repair rusty old corrugated water tanks, farm sheds and even cut out peep holes for silos.
The Nibbler is excellent at cutting 44 gallon drums.

Car/Caravan Restoration
Car restoration has never been easier, rust repair and panel patching will be a trouble free job.
The Professional Nibbler will handle all profile on car body work. Repairs on floor pans, firewalls, rear parcel shelf and guards will be easy.
Great if you are modifying a motor home, camper trailer or adding accessories to a caravan.
The Professional Nibbler will allow you to do this job safely with out jaggered edges.
Putting in side windows, vents and skylights will be simple.



nibbler cutting


The Professional Nibbler clamped onto a workbench, allows the operator to use both hands on the material being cut.

This is ideal for cutting out stencils, templates or follow patterns.

See our metal gallery for results.




What is Included




The Professional Nibbler

pkt punch


2 Spares Punch/Cutter

bench clamps


2  Bench Clamps


5 year warranty (excluding consumables)


If you use the Professional Nibbler you will always be in touch with any job around the home, workshop or farm. You can now eliminate effort and time cutting sheet metal - here's why.

Q. What kind of drill do you need to run the tool?
A. Just a standard electric drill will do the job.

Q. How many watts do you need to run the tool?
A. Around 300 to 500 watts is o.k.

Q. And is there a preferred r.p.m. or speed it works best.
A. Anywhere between 1500 or 3000 r.p.m.

Q. Can it be used on a cordless drill?
A. Yes, it will run a little slower, but it will cut. This is ideal for small jobs (especially up on the roof, saves pulling a lead up)

Q. What thickness will it cut up to?
A. You can cut up to 16 gauge, 1.6mm on mild steel, 1mm on stainless steel and 2mm on brass, copper, fiberglass, aluminium and plastic.

Q. How long do the cutting blades last?
A. Each cutter will cut 300 metres on corrugated and car panel steel. (Always spray CRC/WD40 along cutting path).

Q. What about spare parts for the Nibbler?
A. All spare parts are readily available from us. We always keep stock.

Q. Is there any maintenance required with the tool?
A. The tool is full of high temperature grease inside, just check grease yearly.

Q. Do you need any special tools to change the cutting blades?
A. No. Just an adjustable spanner is all you need.

Q. Does the tool come with a Guarantee?
A. Yes. The Professional Nibbler by Newstyle Direct P/L is guaranteed for 5 years from date of purchase. This does not include wear and tear on consumable parts. (Proof of purchase required).

Q. Who uses the Professional Nibbler?
A. Tradesman, Car Restorers, Plumbers, Farmers and the DIY sector.

Q. What are some of the things you will use the tool for?
A. To cut plastic, brass and Aluminum, car panel steel, corrugated iron, build sheds, home renovations, mini orb, and trim deck.



Power Source: Any power drill, electric or air, with 9mm chuck capacity with speed range 1,500 to 3,000 RPM 

Cut width: 4mm


Max: Mild Steel 1.6mm (S.W.G) 


Gauge: Brass, Aluminum, Plastic 2.0mm (14 S.W.G) Stainless Steel max I.0mm (20 S.W.G)

If you require any of the below parts,
please email us.  


nibbler parts picture

















Metal Art Template

 Click the image to view and print the pattern.


Dolphin template

metal art template dolp

sunflower template

rose template

pig template

flowers template

fish template

duck template  





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