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PushDome is designed to keep food fresher for up to 3 times longer by trapping out air!

The PushDome will save you the hassle of dealing with plastic wrap which doesn’t always hold and bunches of mis-matched lids. For total convenience, this special package deal includes and Junior Classic PushDome (19cm Diameter x 5.5cm High) combined with a Tall Classic PushDome.

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Keep Food Longer

  1. Place the Pushdome Over the food onto your place or dish
  2. Pushdome to trap out air


The oxygen and moisture in air cause food to degrade over a short time and lose flavour and nutritional value.

The bacteria and pollutants in air further accelerate such deterioration.
 Now, you can use your PushDome to effectively trap out air from your food.



No need to wait 1 to 4 hours for marinating, the PushDome allows for fast marinating. The powerful vacuum opens food pores, drawing in flavour, and marinates in minutes.


Stack them neatly in your fridge to save space.

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No need to use old fashioned plastic wraps that just won’t stick or hold to the dish. Push down on the Pushdome for vacuum seal and safely cart your food outside, to work or to a party.

Keep Food Warm

That vacuum insulates your food to keep meals warm for late arrivers, to keep pancakes or breakfast hot for your kids and families and to keep food warm for parties or picnics. You can also use as a Cooler to keep salads and fruits cool for picnics and parties.

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1. Make Sure Sealing Surface is smooth and free of any imperfection, scratch, knife mark or food debris to ensure the seal.
2. Top rack dishwasher, freezer and refrigerator safe. (Vacuum sealing is NOT a replacement for refrigerator).
3. DO NOT USE in oven, on stove top or with abrasive cleaners or sharp objects.

Instructions will be provided with your Pushdome Classic regarding safe microwave use. Please ensure you read these carefully before using in your microwave.


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