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About Newstyle Direct

Newstyle Direct was established in 1990 and specialises in direct marketing of innovate products. We have a range of hardware, kitchenware and outdoor products.

We began demonstrating our products at all the public and trade fairs around Australia and New Zealand, including all the agricultural field days.

We have now entered the direct response TV market, advertising our products via long and short form infomercials on T.V. This has proven to be very successful and we have been able to expand our business.

Our products pass through vigorous testing to ensure the highest quality for our consumer. We pride ourselves on our very high standard of after-sales service and the outstanding quality of our products.

You can be assured you are dealing with a very reputable and honest company, which is looking at long term goals and has you, the customer, at the top of our list.


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We appreciate your business.

Newstyle Direct Pty Ltd

18 Montefiore Street,

Fairfield VIC 3078 Australia

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