The Right Tool
For ANY Job

The Professional Nibbler cuts all manner of sheet materials with ease - no sparks, no distortion! Just attach it to any drill and start cutting.

The right
tool for
the job

The Professional Nibbler cuts all
manner of sheet materials with ease -
no sparks, no distortion! Just attach it
to any drill and start cutting.

Change the way you cut metal forever

Everyone knows cutting sheet metals is either tiring, time consuming or expensive! Hardware stores typically stock one of two options: tin-snips, or expensive specialised tools with a single function.

That's why we got behind the Australian Designed and Manufactured Professional Nibbler. Not only is this nibbler tool cost-effective, but it attaches to ANY drill and makes even the most complicated metal cutting job quick and easy! Cut anything from mild steel and rusty car panels to your inconvenient corrugate overhang on your gutters.

Why do it the hard way with tin snips or angle grinders, when you can do it safely and easily without sparks and distortion. Stop calling in expensive tradesmen and turn those DIY jobs from 'too hard' into 'can do'.

The Professional Nibbler

With these free gifts:

Professional Nibbler Bench Mount Clamps

2 x Bench Mount Clamps

Professional Nibbler - Spare Cutters

2 x Spare Cutters


Year Warranty

The Professional Nibbler:
A high quality, Australian made tool.

Our local engineering firm responsible for the design and manufacture of the Professional Nibbler has over 30 years of industry experience. Every part that comes off the production line is certified and must meet our quality specifications.

We carry out our own rockwell and hardness tests to ensure the material meets the required standards before we begin milling and turning. This guarantees that your Professional Nibbler tool will give you a perfect cut and serve you well for many years to come unlike cheap imitation nibblers manufactured abroad, that just don’t last.

The Professional Nibbler

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Cut sheet metals, plastics and fibreglass with ease

*Important Information: Always apply oil to the cutting path, especially on Aluminium.
Trim your gutter overhang easily with the Professional Nibbler

Corrugated Iron

Up to 0.7mm (21 Gauge)

The Professional Nibbler cuts Aluminium up to 2.0mm (14 Gauge)


Up to 2.0mm (14 Gauge)

The Professional Nibbler cuts Stainless Steel up to 1.0mm (18 Gauge)

Stainless Steel

Up to 1.0mm (18 Gauge)

The Professional Nibbler cuts Mild Steel up to 1.6mm (16 Gauge)

Mild Steel

Up to 1.6mm (16 Gauge)

The Professional Nibbler cuts Copper up to 2.0mm (14 Gauge)


Up to 2.0mm (14 Gauge)

The Professional Nibbler cuts Pressed Aluminium up to 1.0mm (18 Gauge)

Pressed Aluminium

Up to 1.0mm (14 Gauge)

The Professional Nibbler cuts Checker Plate up to 1.6mm (16 Gauge)

Checker Plate

Up to 1.6mm (16 Gauge)

The Professional Nibbler cuts Plastics and PVC up to 2.0mm (14 Gauge)

Plastics & PVC

Up to 2.0mm (14 Gauge)



Up to 0.7mm

The Professional Nibbler cuts Laminex and Formica

Laminex & Formica

Up to 2.0mm

Cut where you want, any way you want

Because the Professional Nibbler mounts to almost any power drill or cordless drill, you can use it anywhere for any type of project. Whether you need a metal sheet Nibbler or corrugated iron cutters, our products offers it all in one multipurpose tool.

The Professional Nibbler allows you to cut guttering, trim deck, mini orb and car body work with ease. You can cut out internal holes for down pipes, sky lights chimney flutes and more. You start in the middle of a sheet, drill a 10mm hole, place the head of the Nibbler in and start cutting away.

Professional, DIY and Craft applications

Professional Nibbler - Makes Cutting Panels for Panel Beating and Car Restoration a Breeze

Panel Beaters and Backyard Car Restoration

Because of the conveniently designed die, the Professional Nibbler is perfect for panel work, even in tight spots. The tapered sides and rear of the die enables you to cut a tight 1/2 inch radius and handle very tight profiles. Because it attaches to all manner of hand-held drills, the overall size of the tool is quite small and perfect for cramped situations.

If you are modifying a motor home, camper trailer or adding accessories to a caravan, the Professional Nibbler will allow you to complete the job safely without jagged edges. Putting in side windows, vents and skylights are a breeze.

Professional and DIY Plumbing

The Professional Nibbler makes light work of plastic and PVC, and its compact size and versatility make it perfect for plumbing work as well. Easily and quickly cut the circumference of a pipe in straight or custom profile for flush fittings on all manner of joins, or cut lengthways along a pipe to quickly create two half pipes. This is all possible with a brand new electric Nibbler.


Art and Crafts / Hobbyists

If your art project or hobby involves cutting sheet materials, you’ll love working with the Professional Nibbler. This tool has been very popular for cutting out stencils and templates, such as cutting out patterns of animals, flowers, lettering and numbers out of old corrugated iron or rusty mild steel. You can put together some beautiful garden ornaments, wall plaques and metal sculptures or art work.

Using two of our multi-purpose drill holders, this nibbler/metal cutter can now be bench mounted which now gives you a hands free operation. This is a terrific option as you now have more manoeuvrability and it makes it much easier to do all your intricate work. See our metal gallery for patterns.

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The Professional Nibbler represents unbeatable value with the peace of mind of a 5 year warranty.

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The Professional Nibbler

All this included free. Total value over $400!

Professional Nibbler Bench Mount Clamps

2 x Bench Mount Clamps

Professional Nibbler - Spare Cutters

2 x Spare Cutters


Year Warranty

Professional Nibbler Bench Mount Clamps

2 x Bench Mount Clamps

Professional Nibbler - Spare Cutters

2 x Spare Cutters


Year Warranty

Spare Parts and Accessories

Make the amazing Professional Nibbler even more powerful with these specialised accessories, or stock up on spare parts.

Cut single handed for easy free-handed operation

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Keep running even longer with these high quality manufacturer spare parts

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Get even more value and purchase a set of high-quality heavy duty ARTU drill bits

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Fits Any 10mm Chuck


Power Sources


300-500 Watts | 1500-3000 RPM


Can be used but will run a lot slower. Preferrably needs to be more than 1500 RPM

Ideal for small jobs eg. skylights, pops in a gutter, flutes or any small intrusions. Larger jobs will require an Electric Drill unless you have a high quality battery drill


Suitable for Pnuematic Air Drill also.

Maximum Recommended Gauges

Width of cut 4mm

BRASS 14 GAUGE (2.0mm)

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of drill do you need to run the tool?

The Professional Nibbler can be used with standard electric drills, cordless drills and pneumatic drills.

The drill should be rated between 300 – 500 Watts with a speed of 1500 – 3000 RPM to run the Professional Nibbler properly and allow cutting of the listed materials and thicknesses.

Can I use a Cordless Drill with the Professional Nibbler?

Yes, it will run a little slower, but it will cut. This is ideal for small jobs (especially up on the roof, saves pulling a lead up)

How long do the cutting blades last?

Each cutter will cut 300 metres on corrugated and car panel steel. (Always spray CRC/WD40 along cutting path).

How do I change the cutting blades?

No special tools are required, and the whole job takes only a few minutes. The cutting blades can be changed by removing the Die with a standard adjustable spanner. Ensure the Die is tightened firmly once you are done.

What does the 5 Year Warranty cover?

The Professional Nibbler by Newstyle Direct P/L is guaranteed for 5 years from date of purchase. This does not include wear and tear on consumable parts. (Proof of purchase required).

What are some of the uses for the Professional Nibbler?

The Professional Nibbler can be used to cut plastic, brass and aluminium, car panel steel, corrugated iron. The tool will enable you to build sheds, perform home renovations, mini orb, and trim decks.

The Professional Nibbler will help with any cutting job at work or around the home, workshop or farm. You can now eliminate effort and time cutting sheet metal.