15 Piece ARTU Drill Bit Set


The ARTU Drill Bits are truly a multi-purpose drill bit.  One drill bit does it all, hardened steel, spring steel, concrete, brick, ceramic and even glass. The 15 PIECE ARTU DRILL BIT SET ranges from 3mm to 10mm with half sizes in between. These high quality drill bits can withstand high temperatures of up to 1000°C. They are unaffected by the heat so they won’t lose their temper and will stay sharp for a long period time.


Including FREE 300mm Tungsten Grit and ARTU Sharpening Stone.

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One drill does it all

The ARTU Allround Bohrer (Multi-purpose Drill Bits) will take the headache out of buying drill bits forever.  You know what it’s like, there’s so many drill bits and it’s hard to choose the right bit to get the job done.

Now the same drill does it all: drilling easily into concrete, brick, ceramic tiles, hardened steel, wood and even glass. This allows you to drill multi-layers without changing or damaging drill bits. Now you can get the work done like a Professional and save time.

Made from a robust titanium and tungsten carbide tip, these drill bits can handle the hardest of materials. The high-tech bonding process allows these drill bits to withstand temperatures of up to 1000°C. This is why these Drill Bits don’t lose their temper or their tip under extreme heat and stay sharp for a long time.

The Drill Bit’s shank is made from Chrome Vanadium Steel which most high quality hand tools are made of. This allows the shank to flex under extreme pressure rather than snapping. So if you make a mistake while drilling, you won’t snap the drill bit.

Put superior quality into your hands. Use the ARTU Drill Bits

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